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Citizens' service information Cities, municipalities & communities

with connection to the BuS (citizens' and business services) / zFinder der Bundesländer.
Cities, municipalities and municipalities are obliged to deposit their responsibilities in the country's citizens' and business services. (this is done within the framework of the implementation of the European Services Directive)
In order to reach the publicly accessible information about opening hours, responsibilities and services of the cities, municipalities and municipalities, this service offers the citizens, citizens and service providers the possibility to automate data automatically and to expand nationwide.
Our individually programmed interface is a professional, reliable & intuitive solution that we can integrate into your Internet presentation - including your existing content management system In the course of this, we also create completely new city portals or offer you a redisgn of existing websites & web service presentations.
Our services are divided into the following:
  • Redesign the portal
  • Building a new portal with a new editorial system (Typo3)
  • Integration of free country interfaces
  • Integration of the country's reading web service interface
  • Integration of the country's read and write web service interface
  • Content management system
You can provide your citizens with the following service information in your own design:
  • Services
  • Staff directory
  • Offices & Responsibilities
  • Forms
  • Building & Room Plans
  • Events
  • Information about opening times, etc.
A service for you and the citizens: By the bi-directional (reading & writing) interface, your data are automatically available and available in the citizens' and business services of your country and / or the federal government.

Our demo projects for you:

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individual web software & interface programming

How do you offer a WEB solution to synchronize, inter alia, the display of public data from the Internet portals of the federal states, municipalities, counties and cities, and to simplify the daily routine as well as the forms for the servants of the Länder and citizens. nvii-media develops the appropriate application for the administration and display of your municipal data.

Your benefit

In this way, they have the possibility to make public data of the Länder systems available to citizens.
Furthermore, you can transfer your data to these systems so that, for example, local service data can be made available nationwide. The municipality or the like. can then feed in its own data into the "federal system" (for example, www.sachsen-anhalt.de) and from there retrieve the existing data from the entire state.
In addition, valid data can be viewed all over Germany, such as:
  • Authorities
  • Services
  • staff
  • Forms & Documents
  • fees
  • periods
Other added values are:
  • Retrieve all valid data for the respective state and for Germany as a whole
  • Deploy your own data on common Internet platforms
  • Citizens can also get information about other places and communities
  • Contents are only maintained in one place, but are available in different places
  • Content is taken directly into account by the servicecenter, as these service centers retrieve the data from the "global" interfaces
  • For example: A citizen in Dortmund could call the "115" and then let them know about concerns in Bernburg if Bernburg stores the data via our interface in the BUS Sachsen-Anhalt.

How is the data input and data exchange?

The data is either already there and we use it to convert it to the correct format and store it in the appropriate system.

Implementation & Development

The interface can easily be integrated into existing content management systems and other WEB applications.