webdesign halle

Maintenance and Support

A web page that is hardly ever updated does not justify the use of a Content management system. There is no correlation in between the necessary time and effort to acquaint oneself with the system and it’s benefit for self-administration. The system has to be used frequently to be beneficial for the company; otherwise maintenance takes a long time. Supporting and actualizing an Internet presence is not possible this way.

Optimizing your web page/ quality management

The effective optimization of your Internet presence is also part of our web side management. Being an entry in a search engine is not enough. Your web page’s position in the search engine is not at all constant. Therefore a frequent quality checkup is necessary. The side is frequently checked for it’s important catchwords and their appearance in a search engine. Adapting the page is necessary when the pages determining factors-priorities and criteria- change. Competing page’s actions are also closely monitored: they are a determining factor for your own web page.

Administrative tasks

Many administrative tasks accumulate while running a successful web page, such as setting up an email account and administrating the web domain. With all these delicate tasks you should only turn to somebody with the required qualifications and experiences. That way you unburden your company and your staff. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your company needs assistance with the administration of your web page and your Internet presence.