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A completely new task requires the cooperation of specialists from different areas and areas of expertise. This is where project work can be done: it provides more flexibility because it goes beyond the usual day-to-day business. Project work has the advantage of finding common solutions quickly and purposefully. & Nbsp;

Otherwise, a project success is not guaranteed, because the content of a project is always new, in contrast to workflows, which have been carried out for a long time and regularly in practice. Even if several solutions are developed, their results can often not be calculated at the beginning of the project. & Nbsp;

For this reason, it is important to be able to access a reliable planning of the project, concrete commitments for the required resources and, above all, clear rules in the project work. & nbsp; These activities are referred to as & quot; project management & quot; summarized: & nbsp;

Project management includes the organization, planning, control and monitoring of all the tasks and resources necessary to achieve the defined project objectives.

Project management is a management task, which is to be distinguished from the execution tasks of the operational project work.

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We see ourselves as "web forge", which elegantly link various technical platforms. We create unique designs and strategies at the cutting edge.

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Due to our strong, highly professional team, we are able to optimize our workflows to suit your project needs and to make every project work

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  • TYPO3 development
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Despite tight schedules, the web experts at nvii-media GmbH have always succeeded in meeting our requirements just in time.